Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HPEER Advanced Fellowship?
The Advanced Fellowship in Health Professions Education Evaluation and Research (HPEER), funded through the Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA), is an interprofessional, 2-year fellowship for post-doctoral and post-masters’ fellows in curriculum design and implementation, evaluation, and research. HPEER fellows are trained with the knowledge and skills to lead, evaluate, and transform health professions education.
Who is eligible and do I have to be a veteran?
Veterans are encouraged to apply but you do not need to be a veteran to qualify for the HPEER Advanced Fellowship.

– Physicians (fully licensed)
– Post-doctoral PhDs (clinical& non-clinical)
– Master’s level prepared trainees
– Must be a U.S. Citizen
– Individuals not currently in any other fellowship

Will I have a mentor?
Mentorship is a critical component of this fellowship. Fellows typically have several mentors both inside and outside of the VA, depending upon the fellow’s interests and professional goals. Your HPEER faculty can help you to identify appropriate mentors.
What is the scholarly expectation of me from the program?
Scholarship is foundational to the HPEER advanced fellowship. Fellows are expected to develop and implement a portfolio of efforts impacting health professions education within VHA.
What is the classroom commitment?
In a given academic year, fellows engage in asynchronous learning activities from July through the end of August. The synchronous portion of the program begins the first week of September and consists of national didactic classes every Wednesday at 1:00 PM CST. Each site may have additional classroom commitment requirements.
Is there funding for travel to national meetings?
The annual HPEER face-to-face conference is mandatory and is funded by the VA. However, there is no guaranteed funding for other professional meetings. This will be site dependent – please contact your site of interest for more information.
Are there funds or tuition support to pursue other degrees during fellowship?
This is site dependent. Please reach out to your site of interest for more information.
Can I get a job in the VA Afterwards?
We encourage you to stay in the VA! This fellowship positions you well for a competitive resume. Many graduates of this program have been hired by the VA for positions related to health professions education.
Do I have a commitment to work at the VA afterwards?
There is no commitment to work in the VA after graduation from the HPEER Advanced Fellowship. Graduates are encouraged to stay within the VA and many graduates choose to pursue careers within the VA.
Will I be eligible to receive health insurance benefits?

Yes, as a Federal employee, you may be able to enroll in health, dental, vision and life insurance. See the following web site:


Do I receive vacation and sick time?
Yes, you accrue annual and sick leave each year.
How do I apply to the fellowship?

Navigate to the “How to Apply” page to submit a form for your interest in a particular site or general interest in the program. Program staff will connect you via email to the relevant site faculty.